Safety Wellingtons

With a diverse range of safety and non-safety footwear, we offer Rigger boots, Chelsea boots, Safety Wellingtons and much more, it really is easy to find the right footwear for the job. 

Check out the Composite range for a metal free and lighter weight safety options, including trainers, shoes and boots.

Safety Wellingtons
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Amblers Safety FS100 Safety Wellingtons
Comfortable and practical safety boot with steel toe cap protection and steel midsole. Versatile wel..
£17.50 £13.65
Ex Tax: £13.65
Amblers Safety FS98 Safety Wellingtons
White safety wellington. Ideal for catering environment. Steel toe cap tested to 200 joules impact. ..
£17.50 £13.65
Ex Tax: £13.65
Amblers Safety FS99 Safety Wellingtons
Comfortable and practical safety boot. Fully waterproof PVC wellington. Steel toe cap and midsole pr..
£17.50 £13.65
Ex Tax: £13.65
Dickies FW13105 Super Safety Wellington Boot
Features: PVC and Nitrile rubber boot General industrial quality Steel toe-cap to (200 Jou..
£19.65 £13.97
Ex Tax: £13.97
Dickies FW94105 Safety Landmaster Wellington Boot
Features: 40% lighter than Rubber or PVC Thermo-insulating: Cool in the Summer and Warm in t..
£62.45 £48.88
Ex Tax: £48.88
Dunlop 142PP Protomaster Full Safety Wellingtons
Safety Category : SB Marking Code : P+E Features: Midsole Toe Protection Hee..
£15.80 £12.99
Ex Tax: £12.99
Dunlop 171BV Protomastor Safety Wellingtons
An ideal boot for general applications in the food processing industry. Protective toe Colour: w..
£16.55 £14.29
Ex Tax: £14.29
Dunlop Acifort A252931 Ribbed Safety Wellingtons
This boot, which is suitable for various construction environments, has a ribbed top to protect the ..
£26.50 £22.75
Ex Tax: £22.75
Dunlop Acifort A442031 Heavy Duty Full Safety Wellingtons
A practical and durable industrial boot for a variety of uses at the construction site. Very resista..
£20.75 £17.88
Ex Tax: £17.88
Dunlop Devon Safety Wellington Boots
A practical and functional safety boot with a steel toe and midsole for protection from sharp object..
£13.99 £11.69
Ex Tax: £11.69
Dunlop Purofort C462241 Safety Wellington Boots
The original Purofort boot! With its thermal insulation to -20°C this boot offers all the..
£54.99 £46.79
Ex Tax: £46.79
Dunlop Purofort C462743 Rig Air Safety Boots - Unlined
Features: Midsole Toe Protection Waterproof EN Standards: EN345 Safety C..
£59.99 £51.99
Ex Tax: £51.99
Dunlop Purofort C462743FL Rig Air Safety Boots - Fur Lining
Features: Midsole Toe Protection Insulation against cold Waterproof Description: ..
£61.99 £55.89
Ex Tax: £55.89
Dunlop Purofort C462933 Professional Safety Wellington Boots
The Dunlop® Purofort® Professional full safety is certified according to the most recent European st..
£55.99 £49.39
Ex Tax: £49.39
Dunlop Purofort C762043CH Rugged Full Safety Wellingtons
The Dunlop® Rugged offers all the benefits of Purofort® and a superior outsole, making it ..
£85.50 £74.75
Ex Tax: £74.75
Dunlop Purofort Thermo Plus C662343 Orange Safety Wellington Boot
Thermo+ Wellington from the Purofort® range of Dunlop’s Safety Footwear. Resistant against low tempe..
£97.99 £73.50
Ex Tax: £73.50
Dunlop Purofort Thermo Plus C662933 Green Safety Wellington Boot
Thermo+ Wellington from the Purofort® range of Dunlop’s Safety Footwear. Resistant against low tempe..
£95.99 £73.50
Ex Tax: £73.50
Dunlop Purofort+ C762041 Full Safety Wellingtons
The ideal Purofort+ work boot for  the construction & infrastructure sector. This boot..
£65.50 £57.85
Ex Tax: £57.85
Dunlop Purofort+ C762933 Safety Wellington Boots
A strong, durable Purofort+ boot for a variety of uses in the agricultural sector. The Purofort mate..
£67.55 £58.49
Ex Tax: £58.49
Helly Hansen 78307 Vollen PU Wellington Boot
These PU boots have lightweight composite toe and midsole protection for on-site safety, which impro..
£50.00 £37.00
Ex Tax: £37.00
Helly Hansen 78308 Vollen PVC Wellington Boot
Vollen PVC Boots are made out of a high quality Phthalate-free Nitril PVC.  These PVC boots hav..
£25.00 £18.50
Ex Tax: £18.50