Cordless Accessories

At Engineering Agencies, we hold a huge range of essential cordless power tool accessories.

Whether you need to light up your job site or sing along to the radio, we have a range of accessories allowing you to do just that.

You will also find an extensive range of batteries and chargers from trusted manufacturers DeWalt, Metabo and Festool.


Cordless Accessories
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DeWalt DCB080 7.2V 1Ah Li-ion Battery Pack
7.2V Li-Ion battery pack to power 7.2V Li-Ion power tools Compact size and light weight ensures com..
£36.00 £27.00
Ex Tax: £22.50
DeWalt DCB095 7.2V Li-ion Charger
Charges 7.2V Li-Ion batteries Charges 1Ah battery pack in 60 minutes Diagnostics with bright LED i..
£36.00 £27.00
Ex Tax: £22.50
DeWalt DCB119 XR Li-Ion Multi Voltage Car Charger (10.8V to 18V)
Features: Charges XR Li-Ion DEWALT 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V Slide Pack batteries Charges 3.0Ah ba..
£87.12 £72.00
Ex Tax: £60.00
DeWalt DCB127 10.8v 2.0Ah XR Li-Ion Battery Pack
New 10.8V 2Ah XR Li-Ion DEWALT battery pack provides 50% more runtime than standard 1.3Ah packs L..
£70.80 £54.00
Ex Tax: £45.00
DeWalt DCB183 18V XR Li-ion 2.0AH Battery Pack
Features: DEWALT XR 2.0Ah Li-Ion Battery Technology offers extended runtime and optimised powe..
£85.50 £67.50
Ex Tax: £56.25
DeWalt DCB184 18V XR Li-ion 5.0AH Battery Pack
Features: The new DEWALT 5.0Ah XR Li-Ion battery packs will deliver 66% more runtime than a st..
£175.50 £130.50
Ex Tax: £108.75
DeWalt DCL040 18V XR Li-Ion Pivot Work Light
Features: Compact, lightweight design with impact resistant housing LED Bulb producing 110..
£63.36 £55.50
Ex Tax: £46.25
DeWalt DCL050 18V XR Li-Ion Handheld LED Work Light
Features: Variable light settings for maximum brightness or extended runtime 250-500 lumen o..
£88.20 £64.50
Ex Tax: £53.75
DeWalt DCL510N 10.8V XR Li-ion LED Torch
Features: Flashlight has belt clip, magnetic mount or can be free standing, Flashlight head ..
£51.74 £37.50
Ex Tax: £31.25
DeWalt DCR020 XR Li-ion DAB+/FM Compact Radio
Compact and robust DAB(+)/FM jobsite radio Accepts 10.8V, 14.4V and 18V XR Li-Ion batteries Tech B..
£207.00 £151.50
Ex Tax: £126.25
Festool 200181 BP 18 Li 5,2 AIRSTREAM 18v Li-ion Battery Pack
You can't save time. But you can use it more efficiently. Description: Faster charging of b..
£96.00 £86.40
Ex Tax: £72.00
Festool 200185 SYSROCK BR10 Site Radio
Always sounds good. At work. And on the phone. FM radio with 10 watt neodymium speakers for pe..
£132.00 £105.60
Ex Tax: £88.00
Festool 200311 SCA 8 AIRSTREAM Rapid Charger
You can't save time. But you can use it more efficiently. Description: Faster charging of..
£85.20 £76.68
Ex Tax: £63.90
Festool 201136 TCL 6 Rapid Charger
Description: Quickly ready for use thanks to the rapid charger for Li-ion battery packs (excep..
£55.20 £49.68
Ex Tax: £41.40
Festool 201789 BP 18 Li 3.1 C Battery Pack
Maximum performance and independence in everything that you do. Low weight for absolute ease a..
£68.40 £61.56
Ex Tax: £51.30
Festool 202112 SYSROCK BR10 DAB+ Site Radio
Always sounds good. At work. And on the phone. •    Various receiving and playback..
£164.40 £131.52
Ex Tax: £109.60
Festool 489728 BP 12 C NiMH 3,0Ah Battery Pack for CDD 12
Description: replacement battery for CDD 12 cordless drill nickelmetal-hydride bat..
£132.24 £119.02
Ex Tax: £99.18
Festool 489731 BP 12 T 3,0Ah Battery Pack for TDD Cordless Drills
Description: replacement battery for the TDD 12, TDD 14,4 cordless drills nickel cadmium bat..
£132.24 £119.02
Ex Tax: £99.18
Festool 489740 Charger ECU 45 GB 240V
Description: Suitable for all Festool batteries NiCd and NiMH up to 14.4 volt ..
£112.68 £102.49
Ex Tax: £85.41
Festool 491821 Battery BPS 12 S NiMH 3.0 Ah
Replacement nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery for cordless drills T 12+3, TDK 12, C 1..
£105.36 £94.82
Ex Tax: £79.02
Festool 491823 Battery BPS 15.6 S NiMH 3.0 Ah
Description: Replacement  Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery for cordless drills TD..
£136.98 £123.29
Ex Tax: £102.74