The Engineering Agencies range of Workwear Accessories includes belts, hats, kneepads and everything else you might need to complete your outfit and get through a hard day of work.

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Caterpillar CW91 Ergonomic Articulated Knee Pads
Features: Ergonomically designed Fits all CAT workwear trousers with top loading kneepad ope..
£11.58 £7.73
Ex Tax: £6.44
DeWalt Workwear DWC15 Kneepads
£10.27 £7.21
Ex Tax: £6.01
Dickies SA66 Knee Pads
Features: Lightweight and comfortable. Flexible cushioned knee pads easily installed into Gr..
£9.44 £7.19
Ex Tax: £5.99
Dickies SA70 Cordura Kneepad
When used in combination with below trousers styles, the Dickies Cordura® Knee Pad conforms to EN IS..
£34.32 £15.96
Ex Tax: £13.30
Dickies SA8900 Gel Kneepads
Features: Designed to be worn externally Fixed in place with velcro fastened strap Mate..
£15.67 £11.17
Ex Tax: £9.31
Fristads 100388 Reinforcement 958 KEV
Features: Reinforcement for e.g. knees, thighs and elbows Heat-on (NB! Should only be heated..
£25.08 £17.56
Ex Tax: £14.63
Fristads 100392 Neoprene Knee Pads 25mm KS-955
Features: Thickness 25 mm Width 150 mm Height 240 mm Sold in pairs Materials: ..
£28.80 £20.16
Ex Tax: £16.80
Fristads 100393 Neoprene Knee Pads 13mm KT-957
Features: Thickness 13 mm Width 150 mm Height 240 mm Sold in pairs Materials: ..
£18.48 £12.94
Ex Tax: £10.78
Fristads 110107 Knee Pads KP 9395
Features: Lightweight Very flexible 2-coloured Thickness 20 mm, Width 160 mm, Le..
£9.84 £6.89
Ex Tax: £5.74
Fristads 121633 Long Knee Pads
Description: Lightweight Very flexible Thickness 16mm Width 165mm Length 290mm, can be..
£8.40 £5.88
Ex Tax: £4.90
Fristads 124292 Knee Pads 9200 KP
Features: Front shield for penetration protection Lightweight Very flexible Thickness 20..
£13.20 £9.24
Ex Tax: £7.70
Helly Hansen 79569 Kneepad Standard
Features: 240 mm x 147 mm x 20mm  Ergonomic shape  Light weight EN Stan..
£8.40 £6.22
Ex Tax: £5.18
Helly Hansen 79570 Kneepad Performance
Features: 240 mm x 160 mm x 20mm  Ergonomic shape Light weight LDPE surface on ..
£12.00 £8.88
Ex Tax: £7.40
Helly Hansen 79571 Kneepad Extra Protective
Features: 240 mm x 145mm x 16mm Large support surface on the floor Ventilation through..
£15.60 £11.54
Ex Tax: £9.62
Snickers 9110 Kneepads
Save your knees with the latest in EN 14404 certified knee protection (Level 1 Type 2). Extremely ..
£17.77 £13.33
Ex Tax: £11.11
Snickers 9111 Kneepads
Reliable, certified knee protection for indoor work on even surfaces. Comfortable, flexible and read..
£14.64 £10.98
Ex Tax: £9.15
Snickers 9112 D30 Lite™ Craftsmen Kneepads
The ultimate in comfort, cushioning and protection for your knees. Advanced and ventilating kneepads..
£22.88 £17.17
Ex Tax: £14.31
Snickers 9118 Floorlayer Kneepads
The floorlayer’s certified knee protection. Kneepads that maintain their shape, hold their position ..
£41.11 £30.84
Ex Tax: £25.70
Snickers 9119 D3O® Lite Floorlayer Kneepads
The ultimate floor layer kneepads. Advanced 3D design and high-tech D3O® Lite material ensure long-l..
£43.00 £32.26
Ex Tax: £26.88
Snickers 9191 XTR D3O Kneepads
Flexible when working, tough on impact. Active kneepads for active craftsmen, featuring shock-abso..
£36.11 £27.08
Ex Tax: £22.57