Tool Belts & Pouches

The Engineering Agencies range of Workwear Accessories includes belts, hats, kneepads and everything else you might need to complete your outfit and get through a hard day of work.


Tool Belts & Pouches
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Carhartt 102356 Bulky Detachable Pocket
Features: Utility pocket with multiple pockets built in Snap closure for attaching to trouse..
£8.65 £6.91
Ex Tax: £5.76
Fristads Kansas 100011 Leather Tool Holder
Features: For scaffolders,carpenters, fitters etc 4 tool pockets Hammer and sheath knife h..
£39.60 £27.72
Ex Tax: £23.10
Fristads Kansas 100012 Leather Tool Holder
Features: For electricians, sheet metal workers, fitters etc 4 tool pockets Big pocke..
£47.52 £33.26
Ex Tax: £27.72
Fristads Kansas 100014 Leather Tool Pouch
Features: 2 pockets for screws, nails etc Big pocket H 200 × W 160 × D 80 mm Small p..
£38.28 £26.80
Ex Tax: £22.33
Fristads Kansas 100016 Leather Tool Holder
Features: For electricians, sheet metal workers, fitters etc 10 pockets for screw driv..
£46.20 £32.34
Ex Tax: £26.95
Fristads Kansas 100017 Leather Tool Holder
Features: For electricians etc 5 pockets for screw drivers, sheath knife and tape hold..
£60.72 £42.50
Ex Tax: £35.42
Fristads Kansas 100031 Plastic Hammer Holder
Features: Very light temperature and weather resistant hammer loop Loop size W 70 × D ..
£7.92 £5.54
Ex Tax: £4.62
Fristads Kansas 100032 Leather Hammer Holder
Features: Swinging cradle steel loop Loop size W 70 × D45 mm Quick-grip Materials: ..
£9.24 £6.47
Ex Tax: £5.39
Fristads Kansas 100038 Tool Holder PPL 9317
Features: For gardening Also suitable for many pliers and tools Quick-snap Materials:..
£17.16 £12.01
Ex Tax: £10.01
Fristads Kansas 100045 Leather Belt
Features: Base of the Ergo carrying system to relieve hips and waist Prepared for attac..
£63.36 £44.35
Ex Tax: £36.96
Fristads Kansas 100075 Canvas Tool Belt
Features: For the handy man, carpenters etc 3 pockets for nails and screws Wide folding&nb..
£23.76 £16.63
Ex Tax: £13.86
Fristads Kansas 100898 Leather Tool Belt
Features: For carpenters, joiners, fitters etc 40 mm nylon belt with metal buckle Rivet&n..
£72.60 £50.82
Ex Tax: £42.35
Fristads Kansas 100900 Leather Tool Belt
Features: For electricians, sheet metal workers, fitters, carpenters etc 70 mm padded b..
£105.60 £73.92
Ex Tax: £61.60
Fristads Kansas 100906 Leather Tool Holder
Features: For reinforced steel workers, fitters etc 1 pocket for nails, screws, tying w..
£42.24 £29.57
Ex Tax: £24.64
Fristads Kansas Comfort System Belt
Features: 70 mm padded polyester tube 40 mm nylon strap with metal buckle Heat refl..
£16.20 £11.34
Ex Tax: £9.45
Helly Hansen 79539 Hammer Holder Hard Plastic
Features: Light and durable plastic Attach to belt or belt loops Materials: 100%..
£3.60 £2.66
Ex Tax: £2.22
Snickers 9082 Flexi-Hammer Holder
A popular standard. A metal hammer holder that features a smart, secure design. Ready for on-the-job..
£6.97 £5.23
Ex Tax: £4.36
Snickers 9700 Flexi Hook and Loop Fastener
Flexi Hook and Loop Fastener Bringing it all together. Flexi Hook and Loop Fastener makes life ea..
£2.71 £2.03
Ex Tax: £1.69
Snickers 9716 Hammer Holder
Advanced, hard-wearing hammer holder with ergonomic design. Angled for easy access and comfortable p..
£8.38 £6.28
Ex Tax: £5.23
Snickers 9770 XTR Carpenter's Toolbelt
Gear up with the ultimate carpenter s toolbelt. Count on advanced ergonomic design, padded braces an..
£157.21 £117.91
Ex Tax: £98.26
Snickers 9771 Carpenter's Toolbelt
Keep it all in place with this steady carpenter s toolbelt. Designed with reinforced functionality a..
£112.36 £84.26
Ex Tax: £70.22