The Creative Tiler By Fristads

The Creative Tiler By Fristads

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Ida Thell has been working as a tiler for the past eight years and loves the freedom and creativity of the job. We met up with her late one afternoon at her current work location to talk about her work, her thoughts on the building industry and the importance of good workwear.
Ida has always been interested in working with something practical and creative. That’s why she chose to apply for the Building programme at senior-high school.
“I got to try out several hands-on professions, for instance as a painter and decorator, carpenter and plater. But in the end, I thought that tiling and bricklaying was the most interesting and fun path to choose.”

A Varying Job

Ida is in her eighth year as a tiler and bricklayer but after moving to a new job six months ago, she works only with tiling. Her workdays take in a mixture of large construction sites and short jobs ordered by private customers.

“I’ve mostly been working on larger construction projects over the past few years, but sometimes we do smaller jobs as well. I like the freedom and creativity of the job, no one tells me how to set the tiles – it’s up to me.”

Another thing that Ida appreciates about the job is the variation, although there are some jobs that are very repetitive with many similar rooms that have to be tiled. According to Ida, the most boring part of the job is applying the grout.

“But it is also a very important step in the finish so you can’t stress it,” she says.

“I like the freedom, no one tells me how to set the tiles – it’s up to me”.

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