Marcrist Mi850 400mm x 20 Fastest Universal Diamond Blade

Marcrist Mi850 400mm x 20 Fastest Universal Diamond Blade

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The MI850 series Diamond blades give the best and fastest universal cut in a wide variety of materials, for use in either Stationary machines or angle grinders

  • Can be used Wet or Dry
  • Building materials
  • Concrete products
  • Granite and Natural stone
  • Iron and Steel


  • Safety: Marcrist diamond products comply with every known safety standard worldwide
  • Self Cooling: Titanium coated diamonds provide a self-cooling and self-sharpening cutting edge
  • Armoured Blade Core: Armoured centre for blade strength. PATENTED
  • Engineered Core: Precision Engineered core, hardened, ground, balanced and tensioned
  • Semi-Silent: Noise suppression for semi-silent operation. PATENTED
  • Laser Welded: Double laser welded, each segment is welded not once, but twice 
  • Double Layer Plus: Double laser welding plus fusion process guarantees no segment loss.


**images for illustrative purposes only – please refer to description and specification for full details of product