Marcrist VC750 300mm x 20 Rip Cut Blade

Marcrist VC750 300mm x 20 Rip Cut Blade

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The VC750 cuts where chainsaws fail!  From the cellar to the roof, the VC750 Rip Cut blade is the perfect problem solver.  Bi-directional – simply turn the blade around and continue cutting with no need to sharpen.  Silent centre provides a quieter more stable cut.  Carbide cluster segments, design to rip through most materials.

  • Plastic pipes
  • Tree roots
  • Pallets (even with nails)
  • Roof felt/bitumen


  • Self Cooling: Titanium coated diamonds provide a self-cooling and self-sharpening cutting edge
  • Vacuum Brazed Technology:  Secure method of embedding cutting particles to retain an ultra sharp edge
  • Engineered Core:  Precision engineered core, hardened, ground, balanced and tensioned


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